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The key decision support information systems provided by DCS help industries to manage their land and assets in a visual environment. Besides, DCS also helps industries locate their facilities optimally, thereby reducing displacements and environmental impacts. It also assists industries in carrying out water, environment and township related environmental studies.

  • Development of GIS based Land and Asset Management system
  • Development of GIS based Land Acquisition Monitoring System
  • Development of GIS based Industrial Utility/Facility Management
  • Site selection studies
  • EIA/EMP studies
  • Assistance in forest clearance applications
  • Geo-referencing for forest clearance/compensatory afforestation areas
  • Digital archival of maps and drawings
  • Feasibility study and detailed engineering for plant water supply
  • Planning of Industrial Townships
  • Preparation of surface land use and surface model (DSM/ DEM) using Remote sensing and Photogrammetry
  • DGPS/ETS survey of industrial land, assets/facilities and utilities